CFO Services

The chief financial officer (CFO) is a corporate officer primarily responsible for managing the financial risks of the corporation. He/ she is also responsible for financial planning, record-keeping, as well as, financial reporting to the higher management. Further, responsibilities for both the strategic and operational aspects of financial planning and management of the organization could be included.

We provide the Following Services

  • Capital budgeting (Procurement of funds at minimum cost)
  • Capital rationing (Utilization of funds at maximum cost)
  • Ensure proper capital structure (debt – equity mix) and restructuring the existing debt – equity mix in order to minimize capital cost
  • Timely financial reports, MIS reports and assistance to management and  Board of Directors
  • Funds raising from venture capitalists, angel investors, banks and financial institutions
  • Cash flow management , fund flow management and preparation of budgets
  • Ensure financial healthiness of the organization
  • SWOT Analysis and portfolio analysis
  • Advising on Formulation of strategies, managing strategic and operational activities
  • Corporate reorganization services in legal , ownership and operational areas to make it profitable
  • Ensure adherence of company towards CSR Policies and Practices
  • Maintaining financial and Operational risks at minimum level
  • Analyzing external opportunities as well as threats
  • Project analysis , profitability and viability analysis
  • Monitoring expenditures and liquidity of organization
  • Assisting in vendors selection and price negotiations
  • Ensuring Creditworthiness of an organization and optimum investing pattern for the organization

Case Study:

Company X wanted to expand its operations but the Management of the company was not in a position to take any financial decision for the same due to lack of reliable and accurate financial reports, financial assistance and Management information reports. Thereby one of the Director of the company approached us.

After an in depth analysis of their nature of business and requirements of the client, we delivered them with the following CFO services:
  • We prepared a better Cash flow management, funds flow management and budgets.
  • We prepared SWOT analysis and Portfolio analysis.
  • We have prepared project analysis, profitability and viability analysis for their expansion.
  • We instituted a much improved accounts receivables system, expenditures and liquidity of the organization.
  • We ensured credit worthiness, optimized their cost by assisting in vendors selection and price negotiations.
  • We helped them in funds procurement process from venture capitalists, angle investors, banks and financial institutions.
  • We restructured the capital structure in order to reduce the cost of capital and assisted them in decision making by applying financial tools like capital budgeting and capital structuring etc.
  • We also assisted them towards statutory compliances.
  • We helped them in maintaining financial and Operational risks at minimum level.

Finally we reported towards the profitability and financial capacity of the project which helped them to take over the project with a proper decision.

Today Company X has expanded its operations all over India and is successfully running its business and enjoying a good share in the market.